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Learning to take control and manage your own asthma day to day is the best way to keep you well and prevent having an asthma attack.

General Resources

Is my asthma well controlled?

Keeping your asthma under good control is the key to preventing asthma attacks and good lung health. Take the Asthma Control Test to find out if your asthma is as well controlled as it could be.

How to use my inhalers

It is important to use your inhaler in the right way. If not, the medicine may not get to the lungs and may mean your asthma is less well controlled. The most commonly used inhaler is a ‘Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) and these must always be taken with a spacer device, no matter how old you are, in order to get the medicine to the lungs. Not all inhaler devices need a spacer, though. Read our easy to follow information sheets for the different inhalers.

Video guides

How to use my large volume spacer
How to use my autohaler
How to use my Easyhaler
How to use my peak flow meter
How to use my accuhaler
How to use my Easibreathe
How to use my turbohaler