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Owain’s Story

Hi, I’m Owain and do I have a story to tell you!!!  So, grab a cup of tea if you want but trust me this won’t take too long.

My experience with Asthma is an eventful story. I was extremely young when I was diagnosed with Asthma, which I suppose was an easy conclusion to come to, considering my parents and siblings all had asthma. For the first few years of my life, I was in and out of hospital and had many issues with the lung condition.

It was only when I had reached late primary school that I earned a bit of relief from the condition and we hoped I was through the worst of it.  Unfortunately, that was not the case and the transition from Primary to Secondary School caused a flare up in my Asthma.  I was going to my GP every few weeks and they were prescribing me a course of steroids each time.  Unfortunately, this did not have the positive effect we were looking for and it lead to me being in and out of hospital every few weeks.

I have Severe Allergic Asthma, which means my Asthma is more susceptible to flare up due to allergens such as pollen for example.  My asthma has been really unstable and so I am on many medications. I believe that one day (soon if I can help it!) my Asthma will be a lot more stable.   A major part of this is down to the fact I am now seeing specialists at the R.V.I.

For a while there I thought there would be no end to the madness especially after the episode I had in December 2017… this was the first time I thought I might fall off my perch to say nicely, however in recovery of this horrific episode I was forwarded to the specialist team at the R.V.I and trust me they are AMAZING!!  It’s like the time loop I was living in has been broken and I have the feeling things are going to get a lot better.

I’m now on a 16-week trial course of Omalizumab injections every four weeks, I know that needles can be a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t even hurt and to be honest if it did I would 100% still take that short, sharp pain as opposed to weeks in hospital!

My outgoing message is very important, no matter how much it is said, keep at it, because even when you believe that your trapped in an unescapable hole there’s always a way out.