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Asthma is common – about 1 in 10 children and Young People in the UK suffer from it.

If asthma is mild, the symptoms may not be too much of a problem and, particularly if people take their asthma medications correctly, they can have no symptoms at all. As a result, a lot of people don’t worry about asthma or don’t take symptoms too seriously.

But not all asthma is mild, and even mild asthma that is not properly treated can impact on your quality of life, stopping you doing the things you want to do such as playing football or dancing.

If asthma is left untreated then some of the narrowing of the airways (the tubes that carry air to the lungs) that occurs can become fixed and permanent. This is especially a worry in children and young people as it can prevent their lungs growing normally and leave them with significant problems in adult life.

And, although asthma is generally mild, occasionally it can be life threatening. Even people who thought they only had mild asthma can have life threatening attacks. This is usually because they didn’t know how to recognise when things were getting worse, or didn’t know what to do to even if they did recognise it.

Sadly, every year approximately 20-30 children and young people in the UK die from their asthma. Educating families and young people to know more about asthma and how to recognise when things are starting to go wrong could have made a difference.

BeatAsthma has been created to address this.

On this site, you will find all the information you need to fully understand your asthma, know how to recognise important symptoms and know how your treatment should be so you can get the best possible control of your asthma. There is also advice for how to look after your asthma in schools and things to help your friends understand more about it too, and know what to do if you need their help.